When David Sinned

King David told the Prophet Nathan that he'd rather be handed into the hands of God where he would find mercy rather than man where he would find death because man was without mercy.

When I see the many thoughts and perceptions people have of others by mostly gossip, what they think they know and saw or heard without ever having spoken to the person it concerns -  then hear the gossipmongers decide the guilty's fate, I understand what David meant.

Man has no mercy yet if God were to judge us according to our sin none would stand. He would find all guilty and deliver death.

But thank God for grace through Christ.

 Have we not learnt yet that none can ever look into a mirror and boast about how good we are?

We speak about karma often. Now imagine what our fate would be if God delivered to each of us according to our deeds.

In all our steps in this life there has been good and bad. Shipwrecks and loss. Bad and good decisions and choices. Disappointments and joys. Things we can change and things we must accept. Spiritual imprisonment for some and physical for others. Abundant bread on the table for one and poverty for another. Sickness and death; vitality and good health.

Yes there are consequences but when man requires our blood, mercy says no. Grace rewrites our stories and reshapes our lives. It destroys our sin and moves it as far as the East is from the West, into the sea of forgetfulness. What a precious gift forgiveness is.

The apostle Paul said that in his joys and struggles he is content.  To live is Christ and to die is gain.

What can man do to us when God is for us.
What a freedom in being set free from man's opinions that deliver death.

I am a mere sinner -

The Apostle Paul said he is the greatest sinner of all.
That's me too - saved by grace. I have nothing to boast of....except Christ in me.....
The lifter of my head ; my everlasting hope of glory.

Our identity is shaped by Grace and who our Father is, not by who our accusers say we are.

Beulah Kleinveldt


If we say we know God then self has to die daily - or we cannot say we know God.

We see life through a different lens - our values change - we serve more readily;
We don't attend the circles of ungodly meanderings - our spirit rebels and cringes ;  we become better stewards of relationships, gifts, time and tasks;

Our cussing sounds strange to altered hearing; we are loyal; trustworthy; dependable; hardworking; exemplary;

We become focused on working our fathers mandate. We know scripture but more so hunger to know God and be doers of the word - We crave intimacy with our Father.

We love more deeply and are loyal to that which we put our hand to. We understand that God will hold us accountable for walking away from unfinished tasks and missions.  We realise that we dare not take people or life for granted, because the kingdom is about people. This is our greatest investment. We cannot say we serve and worship God yet our lives are not love but self driven. There are no people who can testify of our life of love. Loving people is how we live out our change; it's how we love God. It's wound up in His new commandment. "Love one another as I have loved you...by this shall all man know that you are my disciples......".   Oftentimes our lives go around in circles because we've not allowed love to change us.

When we change,  things around us change. People change. Our homes change.

We must change -

Ultimately, loving is not in eloquent words  but an action that brings change. It is the very substance of what drives your actions that speak of who God is.

Question is - have you been a channel of change. For that's how the world will know you are God's.
Beulah Kleinveldt

The Power of Art

Give a child poetry, a safe space with pad and pen; music with a song and a dance; give him art, guidance and counsel and he will show you all of what's inside him; the trauma, tears and joys.

In and with time he will show you a healed heart and a mind focused to win.

Beulah Kleinveldt

Living a "Poured Out" Life

Bless the  Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name.

As I reflect on the long road I've travelled,  the pain I've worked through - the bad choices God forgave me for - how He showed me to forgive myself, then I can't ever not praise Him for His love and grace.  My heart bursts with gratitude and undisguised adoration.

Knowledge is nothing without understanding.

It is when we are lying in the trenches fighting for survival that we begin to understand grace; when we are rejected by self righteous and arrogant attitudes and words that kill us slowly; friends who turn their backs and leave us bleeding by the side of the road - it is then that the dawn of understanding breaks through our assumed comprehensions -

For years I preached love and grace but only understood it when I begged God for mercy.

He picked me up; forgave my transgressions and lovingly held me so close so that I could feel and hear His heart beat; for me and every broken vessel dying in the mire of condemnation and shattered dreams.

I watch the years film by, I see lines and creases appear and folds growing deeper, the grey strands grow wider and  stubbornly hold their own. The face I once had is no longer the same - it now is defined by struggle, scars and inner wounds flushed out by night tears - joys at having the chance to bring healing to others who are in pain. Righteous exhortation clothed in compassion and mercy.

A chance to truly love and live a poured out existence till I cross the finish line.

Every now and then I catch a glimpse of the young face I once was and I smile - filled with gratitude for God's relentless grace -

I know you need to know that He loves you too and that oneday you will truly understand how much.

"And may you have the power, together with all the Lord's holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ".

Beulah K

Martial - Art - Developing greatness

Victor Verster prison was abuzz with arts today - we commemorate a great man and democracy; reminding ourselves that  "labels" must go and must be rejected.

I'm beyond exhausted but always a pleasure watching young people rise -

It's ironic that a prison can be set against beautiful mountains and pasture yet it's residents cannot taste of the freedom it offers - today we got to integrate and the experience touched a raw spot somewhere -

Beautiful singing from the graduates and Jody Ockers delivers a phenomenal poetry performance called "labels are Just labels".

And the crowd shouted "Jody for President"😂

It's called Youth Development. I enjoyed working with 6 debut schools this past week who also participated - including Vredendal led by Ettienne Matwan.  I'm falling in love with Drakenstein -

Don't touch our children! We rise Against abuse with the new voice of "martial - art".

We will learn to crack the skull of abuse, one abuser at a time.

If it's war then we have to train like soldiers.


Why Art Has the Power to Change the World

One of the great challenges today is that we often feel untouched by the problems of others and by global issues like climate change, even when we could easily do something to help. We do not feel strongly enough that we are part of a global community, part of a larger we. Giving people access to data most often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, not empowered and poised for action. This is where art can make a difference. Art does not show people what to do, yet engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur thinking, engagement, and even action.

As an artist I have travelled to many countries around the world over the past 20 years. On one day I may stand in front of an audience of global leaders or exchange thoughts with a foreign minister and discuss the construction of an artwork or exhibition with local craftsmen the next. Working as an artist has brought me into contact with a wealth of outlooks on the world and introduced me to a vast range of truly differing perceptions, felt ideas, and knowledge. Being able to take part in these local and global exchanges has profoundly affected the artworks that I make, driving me to create art that I hope touches people everywhere.
Most of us know the feeling of being moved by a work of art, whether it is a song, a play, a poem, a novel, a painting, or a spatio-temporal experiment. When we are touched, we are moved; we are transported to a new place that is, nevertheless, strongly rooted in a physical experience, in our bodies. We become aware of a feeling that may not be unfamiliar to us but which we did not actively focus on before. This transformative experience is what art is constantly seeking.
I believe that one of the major responsibilities of artists — and the idea that artists have responsibilities may come as a surprise to some — is to help people not only get to know and understand something with their minds but also to feel it emotionally and physically. By doing this, art can mitigate the numbing effect created by the glut of information we are faced with today, and motivate people to turn thinking into doing.
Engaging with art is not simply a solitary event. The arts and culture represent one of the few areas in our society where people can come together to share an experience even if they see the world in radically different ways. The important thing is not that we agree about the experience that we share, but that we consider it worthwhile sharing an experience at all. In art and other forms of cultural expression, disagreement is accepted and embraced as an essential ingredient. In this sense, the community created by arts and culture is potentially a great source of inspiration for politicians and activists who work to transcend the polarizing populism and stigmatization of other people, positions, and world views that is sadly so endemic in public discourse today.
Art also encourages us to cherish intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and to search constantly for new ideas; artists aim to break rules and find unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues. My friend Ai Weiwei, for example, the great Chinese artist, is currently making a temporary studio on the island of Lesbos to draw attention to the plight of the millions of migrants trying to enter Europe right now and also to create a point of contact that takes us beyond an us-and-them mentality to a broader idea of what constitutes we. This is one way that art can engage with the world to change the world.
Little Sun, a solar-energy project and social business that I set up in 2012 with engineer Frederik Ottesen, is another example of what I believe art can do. Light is so incredibly important to me, and many of my works use light as their primary material. The immaterial qualities of light shape life. Light is life. This is why we started Little Sun.
On a practical level, we work to promote solar energy for all — Little Sun responds to the need to develop sustainable, renewable energy by producing and distributing affordable solar-powered lamps and mobile chargers, focusing especially on reaching regions of the world that do not have consistent access to an electrical grid. At the same time, Little Sun is also about making people feel connected to the lives of others in places that are far away geographically. For those who pick up a Little Sun solar lamp, hold it in their hands, and use it to light their evening, the lamp communicates a feeling of having resources and of being powerful. With Little Sun you tap into the energy of the sun to power up with solar energy. It takes something that belongs to all of us — the sun — and makes it available to each of us. This feeling of having personal power is something we can all identify with. Little Sun creates a community based around this feeling that spans the globe.
I am convinced that by bringing us together to share and discuss, a work of art can make us more tolerant of difference and of one another. The encounter with art — and with others over art — can help us identify with one another, expand our notions of we, and show us that individual engagement in the world has actual consequences. That’s why I hope that in the future, art will be invited to take part in discussions of social, political, and ecological issues even more than it is currently and that artists will be included when leaders at all levels, from the local to the global, consider solutions to the challenges that face us in the world today.
Olafur Eliasson is one of the recipients of this year’s Crystal Awards, presented at the Annual Meeting in Davos. You can follow him on Twitter via @olafureliasson
This post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and The World Economic Forum to mark the Forum’sAnnual Meeting 2016 (in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, Jan. 20-23). The theme of this year’s conference is “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Read all the posts in the series here.

Let the True Church be the Church   -  Ekklesia (1 Peter 1)

**** The Called Out ones *****

"The true church is not messed up or mashed - neither puffed up with pomp or pride....it is not hierarchical neither controlling. It is meek but mighty -

When it loves it must offer life - it must preach the gospel of salvation.

I think it's important for us to understand that though Christ came to set us free our freedom cannot contradict his moral and spiritual laws or ordinances.

Our freedom is effective only in that which benefits us or another and this benefit essentially centres around eternity and God's requirements to inherit such.
Eg. If we in our freedom make a weaker brother stumble it's better for a rock to be tied around our necks and for us to be drowned -  such a serious matter -

"If eternity and the salvation of a soul is not on our radar we are not truly loving". (What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul).

We must love God with everything (deeds, words, thoughts)
Which in itself is a path of growing daily and learning - maturing - until perfection      (Christ) comes.

Self dies daily.

*whether it's in realising that we don't have to wear Gucci outfits and drive a Bentley to be effective.
*Or whether we must stop name dropping to win favour
*Whether we don't have to respond to every insult;

Or in

*Walking into a room and quietly taking our place. leaving the same way;
*Or in a conviction that we must feed the poor and show more kindness;
*in Being more respectful and compassionate; gracious and unassuming
*in sitting amongst the congregation and not on palatially designed couches, highly exalted by man-made podiums and pedestals

Our flesh dies in being.....

*nobody in a crowd
* eating crackers with the congregation and not turkey with title bearers-
*Not promoting our greatness and goodness (for such rewards have already been paid which diminishes your Kingdom account)

We die daily when we are focused on being....

* a foot-washer and refusing to be fanned.
*killing bigotry and turning away from boastful attitudes

That is how self dies - and we are responsible to subdue it by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The broader church is made up of these amongst whom the sin of pride and pomp will not die because they have hardened their hearts and paved their own paths they live "righteously” yet in rebellion.

But the true believers are those who have no need of back-pats.
They quietly go about doing their heavenly Fathers business.
And they yield daily to the sacrifice of their own selfish desires.

Those who look and preach good and shout “ Lord Lord “ are not necessarily those going to heaven;

Those called "Daddy", "Papa" and "Father" are not necessarily God's faithful shepherds....

One says I follow ...X..
Another says I like the way ..X. does it
Or ....X... is a prophet and grand orator I will follow him
Yet  X's words are lies and contradict scripture and X submits or seeks counsel from the ungodly and institutes such in the church  or promotes it amongst believers.
Their wisdom is worldly
Their strategies secular -

But we call them "Daddy" - a cliched title, and the pride smitten leader allows it - taking glory for a life transformed by Christ.

Look at the glory a leader embraces and enjoys and you will be able to identify whether you're following after the wrong leader; after the wrong teacher.  Understand that the glory he assumes belongs to God -

Understand the picture of the false EKKLESIA 

The Holy Spirit isn’t purple or blue –
He doesn’t gargle, gurgle or hiss behind the pulpit
He will not say or do anything contrary to the scriptures –
He will not laugh in frenzy without preaching the gospel –
He will not speak in tongues for hours without interpretation while others do not understand a word

The Ekklesia is not weak and timid

The True Ekklesia

*takes no glory but remains bowed before the true God.
*It's arrows are sharp and lethal
*It devours the capacity for sin and speaks truth
*It prays without ceasing and it's voice forever celebrating its king
*It is active - God's hand sustains and preserves it and it's works
*It's heart is turned to God in repentance and surrender
*The does not envy or compete
*It speaks justly and kindly of another
*It abhors pride
*God sees them and watches over them.
*they feed the poor, clothe the naked, offer shelter to the homeless, care for the widows and lonely, lost and broken.
*They are His
*They are the Elect
*they are persecuted and mocked
*they are scorned, rejected and killed
*the true church is holy and manifests God's redeeming power in demonstration
*seeks truth
*trusts even when it must die
*seeks no affirmation or accolades
*grows and empowers it's members through sound teaching
*is alive and it's words are Christ's; cuts like a knife and convicts.
*A peculiar people and holy nation

Those that recognise it as such are The Ekklesia - They called out ones.

The true church sheds it's appetite for glory and cleaves to Him who is glorified.

They are the FREE....indeed.

Our freedom is in being enslaved to Christ and His way of doing things -

It is by Grace not works that we are saved -
But we must love not our lives -

It is freedom to the oppressed

It is the fragrance of heaven -

What is man oh God that you are mindful of him -

Salvation, oh what a marvellous and undeserved gift.

Let the true church be the church

Let it's members arise and be counted.

Let  the people - "The called out ones" (Ekklesia) rejoice

*Beulah K 2017

Daughter of Zion - Meet the scars behind my face

When David Sinned

King David told the Prophet Nathan that he'd rather be handed into the hands of God where he would find mercy rather than man where he ...