When Love Touches Your Life

Martial - Art - Developing greatness

Victor Verster prison was abuzz with arts today - we commemorate a great man and democracy; reminding ourselves that  "labels" must go and must be rejected.

I'm beyond exhausted but always a pleasure watching young people rise -

It's ironic that a prison can be set against beautiful mountains and pasture yet it's residents cannot taste of the freedom it offers - today we got to integrate and the experience touched a raw spot somewhere -

Beautiful singing from the graduates and Jody Ockers delivers a phenomenal poetry performance called "labels are Just labels".

And the crowd shouted "Jody for President"ūüėā

It's called Youth Development. I enjoyed working with 6 debut schools this past week who also participated - including Vredendal led by Ettienne Matwan.  I'm falling in love with Drakenstein -

Don't touch our children! We rise Against abuse with the new voice of "martial - art".

We will learn to crack the skull of abuse,…

Why Art Has the Power to Change the World

By Olafur Eliasson VIEW PICTURES VIA GETTY IMAGES One of the great challenges today is that we often feel untouched by the problems of others and by global issues like climate change, even when we could easily do something to help. We do not feel strongly enough that we are part of a global community, part of a larger we. Giving people access to data most often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, not empowered and poised for action. This is where art can make a difference. Art does not show people what to do, yet engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur thinking, engagement, and even action.

As an artist I have travelled to many countries around the world over the past 20 years. On one day I may stand in front of an audience of global leaders or exchange thoughts with a foreign minister and discuss the construction of an artwork or exhibition with local craftsmen the next.…

Let the True Church be the Church   -  Ekklesia (1 Peter 1)

**** The Called Out ones *****

"The true church is not messed up or mashed - neither puffed up with pomp or is not hierarchical neither controlling. It is meek but mighty -

When it loves it must offer life - it must preach the gospel of salvation.

I think it's important for us to understand that though Christ came to set us free our freedom cannot contradict his moral and spiritual laws or ordinances.

Our freedom is effective only in that which benefits us or another and this benefit essentially centres around eternity and God's requirements to inherit such.
Eg. If we in our freedom make a weaker brother stumble it's better for a rock to be tied around our necks and for us to be drowned -  such a serious matter -

"If eternity and the salvation of a soul is not on our radar we are not truly loving". (What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul).

We must love God with everything (deeds, words, thoughts)
Which in itself is a …

The African Woman

Introduction - The Nguni People

IN the Introduction to his Zulu-Kafir Dictionary (18^7), the
Rev. J. L. Dohne, Missionary to the American Board, writes
as follows:

"Some have expected to find much poetry among the Zulu-Kafirs, but there is,
in fact, none. Poetical language is extremely rare, and we meet with only a few
pieces of prose.

The Zulu nation is more fond of 'ukuhlabela', i.e., singing, and
engage more in 'ukuvuma amagama ezinkosi,' i.e., singing the praises of the chiefs, than any other Kafir tribe. But their capabilities in this respect are very limited.

The highest song of praise for their king is composed of a few hyperbolical ex-
pressions. Other specimens consist of the frequent repetition of one sentence . . .
regarding some object, such as a cow, a dog, a dance, a girl, repeated in a singing
voice—or they are a mere imitation of a roaring war noise, that of a wild savage
animal, of the clashing of shields or spears. But nothing like poetry or son…

The Eloquent Sounds of Silence 

Silence is not so easily won. And before we race off to go prospecting in those hills, we might usefully recall that fool's gold is much more common and that gold has to be panned for, dug out from other substances. "All profound things and emotions of things are preceded and attended by Silence," wrote Herman Melville, one of the loftiest and most eloquent of souls. Working himself up to an ever more thunderous cry of affirmation, he went on, "Silence is the general consecration of the universe. Silence is the invisible laying on of the Divine Pontiff's hands upon the world.

 Silence is the only Voice of our God." For Melville, though, silence finally meant darkness and hopelessness and self-annihilation. Devastated by the silence that greeted his heartfelt novels, he retired into a public silence from which he did not emerge for more than 30 years. Then, just before his death, he came forth with his final utterance -- the luminous tale of Billy Budd -- a…

The Day My Father Died

Overcoming trauma

He was a singer; musician and together with my mom,  pastored small married couples groups.

His father, my grandfather was a pastor and spiritual icon – a devout man of God who had a no nonsense attitude to anything remotely carnal – my dad was the epitome of humor. In short, he loved laughing. Kind was an understatement when trying to define him. He was no respecter of persons.

My dad and I shared a very special kind of bond. We spoke the same language and his pride in me became more evident when he wept at my receiving a standing ovation; the first he ever experienced.

He was loved by everyone.  By me.

My father died on 31 July 1997 – 20 years ago.
I mourned him for 10 of the 20. He died in my arms and my brother and I had to drag him inside the house while his head banged against the concrete. He was too heavy to lift or carry and we couldn't leave him in the blazing sun. My brother stayed with him while I rang emergency services.

When I placed his head in my…

Love Changes Everything - Walk by Grace

I am an Esther speaking for my people in the kings court; Hannah lifting my deepest need before God; I am a Deborah making judgements and strong decisions and like Anna speaking as the Holy Spirit grants insight;

I too am wondering and waiting like Sarah; rescued and saved from the spirit of Delilah; 
Dancing Miriam’s dance
Proclaiming the salvation of the Lord like Mary Magdalene I also like Mary now carry the spirit of the living God within me - ever conscious of His presence that surrounds me -
My womanhood has been authored by restoration and grace I am being shaped like the women gone before me, grafted into my journey.
A journey of Grace - I own nothing, I have nothing, I am nothing except through grace. And even when I achieve or acquire anything I am to count it as nothing - we live, breathe and have our being because of Gods unmerited favour. We deserve nothing except death - we are not entitled to anything because God, in his divine grace chose us and gifted us with redemption an…